Advantages of Digital Textile Printing

With the use of easily accessible files, much more complex wide format printers: a vast amount of subtle effects and detail can be achieved than have previously been possible.





The following are primary advantages that Advanced Digital Textiles’ services provide: 


1. The easiest way around those minimums at a conventional print plant. Conventional methods understandably require large minimums due to longer setup times. Digital Printing allows us to print the small runs much more efficiently to allow for print on demand or short run programs. 

2. Proper Dye/Fabric Combination with finishing provides excellent Light/Color Fastness.

3. Reduce Risk! Allows for smaller investment to get one’s product to market without the cost of speculation.

4. Quick turnaround of strike-offs.

5. There is no restriction on the number of colors or size of repeat.

6. Photo Realistic images are easily achievable.

7. Ideal for short runs, engineered prints, customized designs, print on demand, and one of a kind prints!

8. Digital textile printing can achieve many prints that are not possible with the conventional method. The inkjet printhead can print at a high resolution to achieve photo quality fabric prints, if desired. 

9. Low Setup Fees.

10. Very Low Print Minimums.

11. Dyes are compatible with the Conventional Print Process.