Repeat Layout Options

How Do You Make A Repeating Pattern Digitally?

The first step to answering this question is to have you select from our repeating pattern layout options to create your designs. Your custom fabric will be printed using your provided artwork and your choice of one of these "Repeat Layouts." The different layout options are one of the elements that can affect the overall look of your pattern.  Other examples would be size, color, and spacing.

A repeat pattern results in a seamless pattern that can be printed either tiled or stepped across the full width and length of your custom fabric printing order. This seamless effect will avoid a hard edge from being created.  The end result is a beautiful repeating image or pattern for your fabric print.


Square Repeat Layout Pattern

Square Repeat

A layout in which the repeating unit appears directly on a horizontal line to the left or right of the original design unit. Also called straight repeat.

Half Drop Repeat

Half Drop

A layout in which the motif is repeated halfway down the side in the vertical direction. This option is used quite often.


Half Brick Repeat

Half Brick

Much like the Half Drop, the Half Brick steps horizontally.



This option will mirror one's art in every direction. This will work on more abstract images and will allow for a continuous print. However, please note that the join will not be ideal.




The design is centered on the linear yard of fabric. Any section lacking coverage from one's art will result in a white area.