Sustainability and Style: The Environmental Impact of Digital Textile Printing

Sustainability and Style: The Environmental Impact of Digital Textile Printing

Jul 19th 2023

92 million tons of textile waste are produced every year. That's billions of items made each year, many of which wind up in landfills. Traditional manufacturing techniques are unstainable and inefficient.

Yet, so much of our environmental impact could be reduced if we made smarter choices.

So what's the solution?

Digital print on fabric.

Digital textile and fabric printing is the future of the textile and fashion industries. It's a stylish way of having designs printed on textiles without ruining the environment (and our future) in this process.

Here's how it works.

How Digital Print on Fabric Saves the Environment

Textile production is a huge source of water pollution due to the dyeing processes. The wastewater from textile production is often untreated prior to being dumped into water sources such as rivers. Globally, it's estimated that textile and fashion production is responsible for 20% of our wastewater.

Digital textile printing uses a lot less water. Plus, you can opt for eco-friendly dyes and avoid toxic chemicals by using water-based inks. The water in these dyes evaporates during the drying process, leaving the colored pigments on the textiles.

Digital textile printing also reduces waste due to unwanted goods. Traditionally, millions of clothing items are sent to a landfill each year, since it's cheaper to send items to a landfill than it is to recirculate them. These overstocked items are then left in the landfill for good.

With digital textile printing, smaller initial runs are possible. This allows for easy product testing. It also encourages customers to only order what they need.

These print turnarounds can also be very quick. So if you want a small, custom printing solution, digital textile printing can fulfill that need.

Digital textile printing maintains the high-quality print you expect. Post treatments, such as stain prevention and moisture control, can also be applied to digitally printed fabrics. The result is high-quality printing minus the harmful environmental effects.

For more on how the digital printing process works, check out our full digital print process. This is how we ensure a quality print every time.

While digital textile printing is a great solution for the environment, reducing your manufacturing footprint via digital printing is only one aspect of sustainability. When combined with supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing, digital print techniques can create a sustainable textile industry.

Choose Advanced Digital for Digital Print On Fabric Production

If you care about sustainability, then you need to look at digital fabric printing companies. That's where Advanced Digital Textiles comes in. Our digital textile printing practices are not only sustainable but offer other great advantages.

Our textile print machinery allows us to print smaller runs with a quick turnaround. We can do print on demand, require very low print minimums, and create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and custom prints for you.

Contact us for your sustainable, digital print on fabric needs.