Transforming Homes With Digital Textile Printing: Inspirations and Ideas

Transforming Homes With Digital Textile Printing: Inspirations and Ideas

Jul 12th 2023

In this day and age, there are countless ways to decorate your house. The ideas are endless.

One idea you might not have heard of, however, is the idea of using digital textile printing at home. Fabric printing ideas are even more versatile than other ideas, as you can use digital textile printing for a variety of items and methods. In addition, you can find digital fabric printing services pretty much anywhere!

If you'd like to know exactly what digital textile printing is and how it can be used in your home, all you need to do is keep reading.

What Is Digital Textile Printing?

Digital textile printing is not a new idea. In fact, digital textile printing as we know it has been around since the 1990s.

Digital textile printing is as simple as it sounds. Digital textile printing services own printers specifically designed to print ink directly onto the fabric rather than using the dye sublimation process.

Textile printing techniques vary depending on what type of material you want and the size of the material. You can rest assured knowing that the textile printing methods used are always the best ones for the job.

Fabric Printing Ideas

When it comes to using print fabric at home, your options are limitless. Thanks to digital printing technology, you can do just about anything your heart desires.

Textile printing techniques can be used in ways you might not have even dreamt of yet. Listed below are just a few of the ways you can use textile printing methods to transform your home into something beautiful and unrecognizable.


Wallpaper is one of the first ideas that people have when they think of using textile printing services, which makes sense. Painting your walls can be a huge time sink, and it's never as precise as you might like. However, if you're using wallpaper, it's hard to find a good pattern.

Digital printing methods can cut around that. By using textile printing services, you can choose the perfect fabric material to use as wallpaper. The design you want is completely up to you.

Digitally-printed wallpaper will also be much easier to fix on your walls. It will also last longer and the colors will stay vibrant throughout its lifetime.


Another great idea is to use custom fabric prints when upholstering your furniture. By using a custom design, you can have any pattern on the furniture you want!

This will allow you to match the patterns and colors of your furniture to the rest of the room without much hassle. It gives you a lot of options that you might not have had access to otherwise.

Is there a specific time period or style of furniture that you admire? With textile printing services, you can buy fabric that will allow you to emulate that style easily! Whether you want something regal and subtle or bold and fun, digital textile printing can help you.

Customized Drapery

Let's face it- curtains are never the exact pattern that you want. You can only ever find something close to what would be perfect.

This is a problem that everyone has, which is unfortunate. Curtains are more important than they seem. They're a small way that you can tie a room together, from the color and pattern to what you use to hold them back.

With digital textile printing, this isn't a problem anymore! You can find exactly the design you want and order enough for the perfect set of curtains. If none of the designs you find appeal to you, you can even create a design to be printed.

Mock Wall Prints

Are you eager to have art on your walls, but don't want to pay the hundreds (sometimes thousands) it takes to purchase it? If so, you can use print fabric at home to emulate the looks of framed prints!

All it takes is choosing the right material and the design you want. Make sure you choose the right size for your walls as well.

Once you've received the fabric, you can cut and adhere it to a mat, then put a frame around it if you choose.

This is an inexpensive, low-effort alternative to buying those expensive prints you covet.


Rugs are a fun, easy way to customize your home. Again, though, it can be difficult to get them in the prints you want. Sometimes all you can find are plain colors or patterns that would completely clash with the rest of your house.

When this happens, digital textile printing can save the day. All you need to do is choose the perfect fabric and the design you want, then wait for your order to ship.

Once you have that fabric, minimal effort goes into creating a rug. You won't regret having a one-of-a-kind piece to pull the rest of your room together!

Cushions and Other Decorative Items

Ask anyone- the little details are sometimes the most important. If you like to craft, then you might be considering creating some of these little details yourself, such as throw pillows.

Save yourself some time and purchase some custom fabric prints to help you in your crafting and decorating endeavors!

When you get to choose everything that goes into your home down to the smallest detail, the result is something you're more than happy with. It will truly feel like a home to you, not just the place you live.

Use Digital Fabric Printing Services Today

Now that you've heard all of our fabric printing ideas, are you ready to try out digital textile printing in your own home? If so, you should use our digital fabric printing services today!

We sell digitally printed fabric at affordable prices with a wide range of options. You can customize your fabric type, whether the pattern repeats, how much of it you need, and even what finish the fabric has.

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